Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Day

We received our CIS fingerprinting appointments last week, so we both took off from work to travel to our nearest ACS office (2 hours away) to have our "official" immigration fingerprints completed this morning. Unfortunately, FBI fingerprints required for the home study aren't "official" enough for international immigration paperwork so a second set needs to be done. Originally this seemed silly to me considering your fingerprints don't change, but I mentioned this to our pastor's wife (they've adopted internationally as well) and she laughed as she reminded me that fingerprints can indeed change...her husband accidentally cut off part of one of his fingers in a snow blower mishap a few years ago! As we were getting ready to leave, I checked the office's website to double-check address, directions, etc. Everything appeared to be in order, nothing special noted on their website, just the standard US government information, office hours, services performed. 

We arrived to find this taped to the door:

Seriously??? We did get some snow last night, but not enough to shut things down! We were totally bummed, but the situation was out of our hands. We sulked for about 20 minutes as we got back in the car to drive home, then began to realize this is just a little bump in our process, and if this is the worst that happens we shouldn't be complaining. I mean, we only have to postpone our fingerprinting, we weren't involved in anything serious like a snow blower mishap! (Sorry Kim and Stac, had to throw that in there!)

Earlier, a good friend of mine texted me "Chin up" and she's right, this is not a huge deal. Thankfully the sign says they'll honor walk-ins due to the closure, so we won't have to wait for another appointment to be scheduled for us. We'll just get some rest, cue up the ipod playlist, fill up the gas tank, and try again tomorrow.

(If you think of it, please pray for no more snow tonight!)

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  1. I'm doing my "no snow dance" right now! Go get 'em friends!