Monday, January 24, 2011

Could this be you??

About a month and a half ago, JT and I had the priviledge to be a part of an adoption video project at our church.Through the experience we got to meet and work with another adoptive couple, who were literally just days away from reuniting with their son in the Ukraine to go to court to legalize their adoption. They were such a sweet couple, with great faith in God's plan for the change in their family.

Upon their return home, they brought with them great heartache for the children left behind at the orphanage, children dreaming of family, unsure their cries are being heard, uncertain their prayers will be answered. The following is a brief insight into what this couple experienced, and how it has affected them since:

"The first time we met him, we knew that Dan was special. He walked right up to us, held out his hand and said, 'hi.' Not really anything prolific about that simple gesture...unless you are an 11 year old orphan in Ukraine.  We met Dan while adopting D, our 9 year old son, in December.  The fact that we were adopting a child halfway across the world is evidence that God is wildly humorous and that He still asks His children to do things that seem totally out of the norm, perhaps even hilarious.

After that handshake on the first day, it was all hugs from then on...big, robust hugs. No matter where we would be visiting D, Dan would seem to appear out of nowhere - but he didn't stay too long because he wasn't allowed to be with us.  A few minutes is all it took to see that Dan had a sweet, sweet spirit about him.  Then we met Dan's sister, Nastay, who was just as sweet. Numerous times during our three week stay, both Dan and Nastya would look us in the eye and ask, "America, please." Our hearts have been stirred, and broken by the many children that have subjected to calling an orphanage their home.  In a country where there seems to be little regard for God, could He possibly hear the plea of these little voices calling out for the love of a family?
James 1:29 says, 'Pure and true religion in the eyes of God the Father is caring for the widows and orphans in their distress.'  This Scripture has taken hold of our lives this past six months as God directed us to adopt D.  Adoption was never in our plan but God made it very clear that this is what He was asking us to do.  Through our fears and fighting, struggling and questioning, we have experienced God providing for us in miraculous ways.  But now we have returned carrying a burden for Dan and Nastya...and Dasha...and Vulva.  Dasha is the youngest, Vulva the oldest of this foursome! While the task of finding a home for these four seems insurmountable, we are trusting that God will provide for them in a miraculous way too.  As we clearly see that longing look in Dan and Nastya's eyes, we also see the eyes of the Father."
~ as written by "D's" adoptive parents

While it seems almost ridulous to post this...could you be their family? Over the past 6 months, we have seen/felt God's hand in every step of our adoption and we have have been surprised time and time again by His provision. Although adoption was placed on our hearts years ago, we needed a little nudging to get the ball rolling.  Well, I'm nudging you today.  Perhaps you've felt the tug to open your heart and home to someone longing for a family...follow that tugging. Perhaps it isn't for this particular family of four, but maybe it is; consider it, pray about it.  With so many children lost and alone, you could be the one to show them hope.

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  1. These four little loves; my heart aches for them too as it does for all fatherless children. Maybe we need a bigger house... :)
    Good luck on Thursday. We'll celebrate this weekend!