Monday, January 10, 2011

Quick little update

Just wanted to give a quick update on our adoption process.  Our dossier is just about complete! Remember how I blogged previously that our case worker said it usually takes about 3-6 months to complete the dossier, and we were going to aim for the 3 month mark if possible? This weekend will mark 2 months and we're just waiting on our final form! This form is coming from Homeland Security, and it basically gives us the "go-ahead" to submit our dossier to our agency for review. After review, it will be sent to Washington DC for final approval, then off to Ethiopia!!

The form we're waiting on is called the I-171H (our government is very creative with all of the form names, aren't they!), and we've been told processing takes 6-9 weeks.  We received an email last Monday that they received our paperwork, and then today we received a letter stating our petition is being processed and we will soon receive our appointment day and time for our USCIS fingerprinting.  It seems so silly that we need to be fingerprinted again, but oh well, we'll go along with it to get our boys home!

We're getting so close to our dossier submission, my excitement is building moment by moment! In fact, I'm smiling as I think about it, even as I sit here and type! ;) To think that just a year ago, I was sitting at my doctor's office reviewing different types of fertility treatments and now I'm just a short time from becoming a mom of 2! God has opened my eyes and my heart so much over the past year, not just to the cause of the orphan, but to His love and provision for me and my family. What a year it's been, and what amazing things we're looking to celebrate in 2011!

Although submission of the dossier is just the beginning of another "waiting" period in the process, we're trusting God for peace and patience (and hopefully a speedy referral!) as he finishes preparing our sons' hearts to join our family.


  1. Yay! We're so excited for you guys... can't wait for you to get your boys home!

  2. I knew you would pull all your paperwork together quickly!! Oh my! You are so close to seeing the faces of your boys! I am praying today for you - for peace, patience, for God to protect and preserve your sons!! So excited my skin is tingling!!! :)