Saturday, March 2, 2013

First Family Photos

JT and I are home from Ethiopia, but a part of our hearts remain there. We got to spend 5 wonderfully glorious days holding our sons, playing with them, feeding them, rocking them to sleep, studying their facial expressions, reading their eyes. This past Wednesday was one of the most difficult days of our lives as we kissed them good-bye until we can return to bring them home with was seriously so, so difficult. We had tried to prepare ourselves for the moment we would hand them back to their nannies and drive away from their orphanage, but nothing could've adequately prepared us for the deep loss we imediately felt. Throughout the ups and downs of this process, God has constantly carried and comforted us, so we're leaning on Him again until we can be reunited with our little loves. We're trusting Him to send The Holy Spirit to surround them with His love, care, and protection until then and we're praying that we'll get our call to aboard that long flight to Africa VERY soon.

I have SO much on my heart and mind that I have want to share, but as we're getting back into our daily schedule (and as our bodies are trying to figure out what time zone we're in), I'm going to keep this post short (word-wise) and just let you enjoy some pictures of our newly acquainted family of four. This is the moment we've been waiting so long so share...

Introducing our sons:  

Carson James Bell ~ 17 months old
Noah Brady Bell ~ 14 months old
Mommy and Carson dancing in the orphanage courtyard
Playtime in the family visiting room at Abenezer Orphanage
Daddy kissing sweet little Noah
 Proud Daddy with his 2 boys
 First "official" family photo after passing court!!
(Note: Noah is completely asleep, unaware of the day's big event)

We love these little guys SO much and are anxiously awaiting our Embassy date which should be approximately 8 weeks from now according to our attorney. Praying it's sooner!

After spending a week in Ethiopia, I have so much to reflect on and've been warned, so be prepared! ;)   Until then, feel free to keep looking at our handsome little guys' photos!

love, erin