Monday, November 1, 2010

Adoption finances...fundraising!!

I feel like I need to write a little about this topic because it can be such a deterrent for so many families, but shouldn't be!

Yes, adoption (either domestically or intercountry) can cost a lot of money, but looking at the numbers should not automatically scare away loving and willing families.  When we were first talking about adoption, financing the process definitely brought forth questions: how much is this going to cost? how can we afford to do this? Legitimate questions for anyone looking to adopt as there are very real costs involved with the process. As I mentioned before, as these questions came up and doubts began to fog our vision, we received a blog update from an adoptive family speaking specifically about not allowing the numbers associated with adoption to be the weed that chokes out your decision. We believe that God is bigger than the biggest check that will need to be written and He will provide for any family that feels called to adopt.  When God places the burden to adopt on a family, and finances appear to be a barrier, His ability to provide can show up in ways never imagined and serve as an amazing testament of His love for the fatherless.  It's incredible, the amount of love and support, not just emotionally, but financially that people want to share when they strongly agree with what you're doing.

Another way to think about financing an adoption, is not as "fees" or "prices" which are related to the services provided, but to look at it as a ransom for the life of your child.  This analogy was shared with us by a friend (thanks Becky!), and it really pulled at my heart strings.  She said to imagine the cost as a ransom we had to pay to bring our child home. If our biological child was being held in another country and a ransom was demanded, what would we do? We would certainly do everything necessary to pay the ransom in order to bring our child home where he belonged.
So we're trying to raise our "ransom" for our little guy. Along with saving as much as we can, and cutting out non-essential monthly bills like TV (crazy idea at first, but it's actually not too bad), gym memberships (looking at myself in the mirror, this may have been a bad idea!), we've decided to get a little creative with a few fundraisers:

First up is a Spaghetti Dinner we're having this coming weekend (Nov. 6th) If you're going to be in the Curwensville Area on Saturday from 4-7pm, stop by Heritage Hall (formerly Grampian Grange), we'd love to see you and chat with you about our adoption journey thus far. Any questions please feel free to email:

We're also doing a T-shirt fundraiser. Our shirts are ready for order and purchase, designed and hand-drawn by yours truly.  We think they turned out pretty cute, but you can be the judge for yourself....

The logo is's a drawing of Africa with a heart where Ethiopia is located (since that's where our hearts are!).  Beside the picture are the words "See the World Be Changed."  We don't think our adoption is going to change the world, but it is going to change our son's world; and if loving families would accept the call of loving the orphan, the world could be changed.

The ladies shirts are a plum colored, form-fitted, and longer length style t-shirt in a super soft cotton.

They are available in sizes Small - X Large
Price:  $20.00 each    or   2 for $35.00

 The Men's shirts are charcoal colored basic tee, also in super soft cotton.  (*Can be Unisex)

 They are available in sizes Medium-XX Large
 Price:  $20.00 each  or  2 for $35.00

We also have kids sized shirts in a cute Indigo Blue colored cotton.

They are available in sizes X Small-X Large  
Price:  $14.00 each   or    2 for $25.00

We're looking into getting a Paypal option available on our blog sidebar, but until we have that figured out, we'd love to take orders by email.  If interested in purchasing a t-shirt, please contact us by emailing: and letting us know what type of shirt you want, quantity, and size.  (Shipping and Handling included in cost) Thanks so much!!

Along with fundraising, there are many types of financial assistance programs available for qualifying families.  Some organizations include:

Lifesong for Orphans (
Show Hope ( 

along with MANY others. A little research can go a long way!

**Bottom line, please don't let the cost of adoption outweigh your desire to share your family with someone longing for a home.  Listen to your heart, follow God's call and be amazed at what He can do!

 "God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! He does it not by pushing us around but by working within us, his Spirit deeply and gently within us. " Ephesians 3:20 (The Message)

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