Monday, November 29, 2010

To our church family: W-O-W!

We love the church we attend; we love the fact that so many people who call Calvary "home" want to radically love the world for Jesus.  We love our church's vision of being a "church without walls." For as long as we've been attending, our Pastor has made it clear time and time again, that we should not be known as a church defined by location, by our brick and mortar buildings, by the songs we sing or the clothes we wear, but rather by the lives we live reflecting the love and hope of Jesus. 


For those of you reading this who may be unfamiliar with this concept for a church, I've posted Calvary's vision:


C-WoW (Church Without Walls)

Our Vision: We are on a journey with Jesus beyond our walls to transform people, community, and culture by building a church without walls. This C-WoW vision... all about going beyond our walls in relationships; connecting with God, with each other, and with the world around us. all about going beyond our walls in calling; leading people on a journey to dream, discover, and follow God’s beyond-imagination call for their lives. all about going beyond our walls to be a world-changing movement; bringing Jesus wherever faith, hope, and love are needed.

This past weekend, we were given the opportunity to share our T-shirt Fundraiser with the church, and you all amazed us with your eager response and support! Thank you so much for your financial gifts as well as your emotional and prayerful support. The morning was such an amazing eye-opener of people truly committed to living a C-WoW life. The conversations we were able to have, even in brief snippets, were filled with such authentic & encouraging treasures of words that our hearts needed to hear. When we see others supporting us by embracing an idea beyond what our culture may know as "normal" or "traditional" it gives way to HOPE in the world.  A hope that Jesus gives if we trust Him. A hope that we pray is reflective in our lives.  Please continue to pray for us as we trust Him to follow this beyond-imagination call.

We love you, thank you, and I think W-O-W says it all...

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  1. It was so nice to meet you last weekend! It was a pleasure to support you, at least a little. :)

    My husband and I will pray for you and your precious baby boy in this journey! :)