Friday, October 15, 2010

Everything's slower in the south

We received the final clearance that we had been waiting on! Our home study is scheduled for the second week in November, and we couldn't be more step closer to our babe. ;) Our case worker, Lisa, also told me that there's another couple in our area that is looking to do their home study around the same time that we scheduled, so if our dates work for them she can do theirs over the same two days and we can split the cost of her mileage! We'll be praying that our dates sound perfect to them; with her driving 215 miles each way, sharing the cost would definitely help reduce the mileage $$ factor.

Although all of the paperwork we were in charge of is complete, Lisa is still working on obtaining a child abuse clearance for JT from the great state of Georgia.  Since he lived there for a year during college, we need to get an additional clearance from that state as well.  When we first started the process, she told us that GA is notoriously SLOW and somewhat difficult to deal with when getting any type of government form processed. She worked with another couple who had lived in GA previously and getting this particular form was a pretty big hold-up in their process.  Because of their difficulty, she said she would take care of obtaining this form for us. Thankfully as she worked with them, she learned about different routes to take to get forms into the right hands more quickly than normal.  She told me the other day that she still hasn't heard from the particular office she sent it to, but she told me not to worry, as this is typical.  She said we can move forward with our home study and she'll add it in as soon as she receives it. What a help!  Being an adoptive mom herself, Lisa understands the process, and has been terrific about helping us in so many ways.  I'm so thankful for the ease that I feel when talking with her and the genuine concern she shows for any/all of my questions. Please keep her in your prayers as she prepares us for this next step in our process.

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