Monday, August 1, 2011

The new Mr. and Mrs!

Just wanted to post a few pictures from JT's brother's wedding to wish them a "Happy 1 month Anniversary!!"

Such a sweet couple! The ceremony was gorgeous, full of beauty, promise, and commitment. Being music lovers, they incorporated so many meaningful pieces of music throughout the entire ceremony.

My handsome hubby was honored to be a part of the wedding party and was also privileged to sing during the ceremony.  He was asked to sing "How He loves," accompanied by Brennan's band, during the candle lighting.  It was the perfect song during that part of the ceremony, and he did an absolutely fantastic job (and I'm not being biased in the slightest!). It was an incredibly moving, emotionally drawing moment that grew even more worshipful as the wedding party and several guests softly joined him in song.

Despite all the talent of friends and family, this musical bride and groom didn't want their special day to go by without being able to serenade each other.  Oftentimes you'll hear of a groom singing to a bride, or vice versa, but I'd never been to a wedding where they sang together, to each other.  If you were a guest and the tears weren't already trickling down your cheek by this point, you were in desperate need of a tissue when they began their song! Because of the obvious emotions packed into a wedding day, we (family and friends) weren't sure if they would be able to make it through their musical vows, and not surprisingly, they weren't absolutely certain they would make it through the song either! But this special couple wow'd us. With tears in their eyes, beaming smiles on their faces, fingers interlaced, they sang of their commitment to each other from that day forward. It was a beautiful, visible connection between them,and a beautiful picture of Christ's design for marriage.

*I found a short video clip of them singing on YouTube, I'm not sure who recorded it, but thank you!


Brennan and Mandi-
As you celebrate one month together, JT and I pray that your love will continue to you grow together as a couple, and as you grow spiritually with your Heavenly Father.  He is the ultimate provider, sustainer, and life-giver of your relationship. Nothing that you encounter will EVER be too hard, or too big for him to help you through. He wants to continue to mold you into his image, to become a living example of the love, commitment, and hope-filled relationship he promises to the world. Continue to live this out daily through actions, words, and of course, song.  We love you!

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