Friday, August 12, 2011

beautiful jewelry with a BEAUTIFUL purpose

I've been scouring the internet and magazines for an "adoption" necklace, one that would truly be reflective of my heart and this process that we're going through. I found scads of sites with adoption charms, many of which were cute, many were EXPEN$IVE, and others were just plain tacky.

After much searching, I found the perfect necklace...

Absolutely perfect, don't you think?? I loved it, bought it, and am currently wearing it. It's such a beautiful little token of my feelings as I wait. 

I found this special piece of art in a cute little etsy shop called "The Adopt Shoppe." This shop and all it's creations are made with love by a woman named Kate, who is using her creative skill to help fund her family's adoption.  They are currently in the process of bringing home a 2nd child (a little girl) from Taiwan. ALL proceeds from her jewelry sales go directly toward their adoption fund!  Please check out her site; honestly, I can't think of a better place to start some early shopping for Christmas gifts!

She has numerous "Scrabble" tile necklaces (yes, they're actually Scrabble tiles...mine is Q10!), with adoption themed quotes, inspirational quotes, verses, and/or customized sayings or names.

Here's a pic of another one that I purchased:

Seriously cute stuff! :) She said she designs each piece as a "billboard for your heart" -- what a cool thought!

I also got my handsome hubby a gift from her shop. He loves to start conversations about our adoption with anyone he meets...a painter on the job site, a business man he meets on the golf course, his waiter at a restaurant, you get the idea! He loves to talk anyway, so I think it's so sweet that he always makes it a point to sneak in some adoption talk!
I found him this stamped leather cuff to wear as a conversation starter: 

Please make a point to browse her shop, I think you'll fall in love with so many of her creations...and make sure you buy your favorites! Don't forget, every purchase brings them a little closer to their financial goal in order to bring their little girl home. Such an easy way to help change the life of an orphan!

Check it out!


  1. WOW!!! I am totally humbled by your amazing blog post about my little shop! I'm SO GLAD you love your stuff that you bought from me! Many blessings to you in your adoption journey!! THANK YOU!!

  2. What a wonderful way to express your journey! I'm definitely going to check out that shop and maybe link it up on Facebook or my own blog!