Friday, May 6, 2011

Sending Love to Ethiopia

In just about 2 weeks, our friends, Jon and Ashley, will be headed to Ethiopia to meet their precious little girl. I can't imagine how they're feeling as they prepare for their trip, but as they are packing, they are asking for your help.  The agency they are working with asks each adoptive family to consider taking donations for the orphange along with them on their trip.  Jon and Ashley both feel this is an extremely important thing to do, especially considering this orphange is helping to take care of their daughter until they're able to bring her home.  Many of the supplies needed to help care for the many, many babies, children, and teens that enter through "Hannah's Hope" orphange are items that cannot be easily found in Ethiopia and are incredibly expensive to ship over. Because of this, they are seeking help of family, friends, and friends of friends to help them fill their donation tubs.  They are hoping to travel over with 400 lbs of donations!!

They can't fill their tubs alone - so I'm asking you, on their behalf, to consider helping them.  Many of the items are inexpensive, everyday items that could be picked up the next time you go to the grocery store.  Below you will find the list of needed supplies. If you are interested in helping them by sending some love to Ethiopia by way of childcare supplies, please email me ( so I can coordinate a drop-off/pick-up time with you. I would like to have all donations by next friday (May 13th), as they are planning to have everything available to begin packing as soon as possible.

Only 1 week...I think we can do it...I'm pretty sure we can help them reach their goal.  It's such an easy way to share some love to those desperately in need of it. You're headed to the store anyway, right? Just pick up a couple things and send them my way!

Hannah’s Hope Donation List – Spring 2011

Baby Items
Bottles (Avent brand is the most commonly used)
Toys ages 6mo-14mo (engaging toys, no noise makers)
Diapers (especially size 2)
Plastic diaper covers with fabric lining
Rice cereals
Organic flaxseed oil
Soy Formula
Vitamin D infant drops
Sensitive baby wipes
Moisturizing baby wash, lotions, oils
Infant bouncy seats or Bumbos
Pull-ups (for the toddlers who are almost toilet trained)

Older Children Items
Moisturizing body soaps for older kids
Shampoos and conditioners designed for curly hair
Maximum strength Extra Virgin Olive Oil, shea butter
Moisturizing body lotion for dry skin
Sneakers or Crocs for older children
Clothing for boys and girls, ages 4-13 (no sleeveless shirts or shorts – they're very modest)

General Needs
Cotton balls
Men’s shirts, long or short sleeved
Scrubs (size medium)
Adult-sized slippers (no shoes in the house!)
Crocs (size 7-9, women)
Sunglasses, with UV (children, men, and women)
Braun thermometer covers
Oral anti-fungal medications

Don't forget to email me ( if you want to help out, and plan to have your supplies ready by next friday! Thanks so much! Can you imagine the faces of the nannies at the orphange when our friends arrive with their donations in hand? What a help and what a blessing to them!

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