Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A prayer request for our friends

We have some very special friends who I'd like to ask you to pray for. This loving couple is also in the process of adopting, but they're adopting domestically, which is a completely different process than an international adoption. Instead of being given one referral, they are given profiles of multiple children on a weekly basis in hopes of finding the most perfect match for their family.  Their profile is simultaneously given to multiple case workers to review for the children they have in their own respective systems.  Each week, they literally see faces of children waiting for families, and as much as they just want to claim a sibling group and wrap their arms around each of them, they cannot until a "match" has been made by the case workers and all the red tape has been cleared.  The entire process is set up specifically for the protection of the children and the prospective families, but can seem like so much time and work before forever families are formed.

Knowing them individually and as a couple, I know that they will make wonderfully caring, compassionate parents to any children placed in their home.  I see how anxious and frustrated they can be as they wait; I can relate to their feelings.  I understand their ache to become parents. I respect them immensely for following this call that God has placed on their lives.  I love that they eagerly press on day after day, optimistically hoping for the long-awaited phone call or email.

They have been praying specifically to know who their children are by Christmas, and as Christmas approaches, I know they are becoming a little more anxious each day. I've seen God do some pretty amazing things in my own life and believe that He is able to do this for my friends, so please join me in praying for this specific request daily until Christmas (or until they meet their kids!). I'm so excited to see this God-Story unfold!

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  1. Thank you, friend, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.