Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

It's Christmas eve, I'm sitting at my in-laws house, awaiting the joys of Christmas morning. (smile)

Their house is beautifully decorated for the season; we've had a wonderful dinner together with lots of laughter filling the room and memories being recalled, but still I can't help but let my mind wander to next Christmas and what it may be like. A Christmas with little ones at our house, old traditions to be continued, new traditions to be made. A single thought brings forth a smile on my face and creates a smile within my heart every time I let my mind go to this place.  This special place of family. Our family. As I think of what God has been planning for us, and everything that will take place over the next year, it also makes me think specifically about my little boys and where they are right now. And so, tonight I have a special Christmas prayer for my babies...

Dear Heavenly Father,
As we celebrate the birth of Your Son, I ask that you take care of our sons this Christmas.
You know exactly where they are, the conditions they're living in, the people they're surrounded by on a daily basis; please protect them and keep them safe.
Soothe their cries, wipe away their tears, erase any fears within their young minds.
Send loving, caring people to hold them everyday until we can.
Give them enough food each day to keep their bellies full and their bodies growing big and strong.
Prepare their hearts for the love of family and the love that you alone can give.
Please watch over them tonight, as they play, get fed, and as they go to sleep.
Wrap your loving arms around them to give them a hug from their mommy and daddy.
Tuck them in for us, give them the kisses we can't give yet.
Let them know that they are incredibly special and are already loved more than they know.

Thank you, Father for these precious gifts. 
We feel so blessed to be a part of this divine plan, to have a family perfectly created by you.
Your love for us is indescribable. Help us to share this love with our families and our family yet to be.

In Your Son's Name,

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  1. Awesome prayer, you guys. Praying along with you...