Monday, January 7, 2013

Court date yet?

So it's been 2 months and 16 days since we first saw their sweet little faces smiling at us from our computer screen. That's 110,698 minutes of wondering what they're personalities are like, what they're doing, what they're learning...

I had been putting off posting because I thought surely by now, I could post with our court date...the day we've been longing for...the day we will build our travel arrangements around, to finally - FINALLY! - meet our boys.

But we're still awaiting our date. This wednesday (Jan. 9th), our attorney in Ethiopia has his adjournment with the judge to review our case and go over the boys' files. If the Ministry of Women's Affairs has issued our consent, we should find out our court date within the following week. Please pray that they have issued their consent for our case and that it is in the judge's hand by the time of our adjournment. We've had so many delays over the past 2 years (all totally out of our control), that the thought of another one makes my stomach turn. We just want to see them and hold them.SO.badly.

Please join us in praying that our consent will be in the judges hand by Wednesday. Looking forward to filling you all in our date!

(**We have some pretty exciting news to share, but it's not ours to share just yet...check back soon, I think you'll agree that it's pretty awesome!**)


  1. Very exciting.. has been a long wait for you both... Hoping and praying that the waiting will soon be over and you can soon hold those two precious little guys..

  2. Wow! So excited for you guys!! We are also waiting to hear our court date(for 3 children), and trying to be ready to travel short notice! Isn't it so AMAZING to see how GOD works thru adoption?
    Blessing to you, and we are looking forward to hearing more as your story unfolds!
    Amy from PA